Electro Voice RE320 Studio Microphone Review

Electro Voice RE320 Studio Microphone Review

If you’re clueless regarding the microphone you should purchase for your home studio, you are exactly where you should be. Your choice of microphone will impact your sound and recordings. As a result, you should put a lot of thought into picking the right one.

The Electro Voice RE320 Studio Microphone could be it. In fact, this item is acknowledged as one of the most popular and best-selling items in the realm of mics; and for good reason.

EV RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal and Instrument Microphone

Source: thehub.musiciansfriend.com

On account of that, today we will talk about this product, its performance, features, and potential. In other words, we did all the testing for you so that you can decide whether the mic is right for you or not.

About The Product

The RE320 is an excellent option if you need a versatile microphone for recording vocals and instruments. It is, by far, a very capable product that comes equipped with a nice set of features.

Notable Features Of The Product

  • The variable-D pattern control has the role of diminishing positional and off-axis tonal shifts.
  • Minimal self-noise ensures an excellent sound.
  • ​Classic, semi-black gloss finish.
  • The EQ filter facilitates a low-mid frequency scoop.
  • ​Durable construction equals long-lasting use.
  • Excellent for both studio and live settings.
  • ​The neodymium structure provides a higher output with increased high-frequency detail and transient response.
  • Cardioid polar pattern


After thoroughly testing this microphone, we could affirm that it could be regarded as the best dynamic microphone. It is designated for capturing vocal and instrument sources while picking up minimal background noise.

When it comes to dynamic microphones, they are a bit sensitive to background noise. That is evident, considering that they are made to pick up the most subtle details of instruments and vocals.

EV RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal and Instrument Microphone

Source: studiocare.com

So, you shouldn’t expect the background noise to disappear altogether. The microphone, however, will significantly minimize the presence of disturbing sounds altogether.

Concurrently, the mic is quiet, meaning that it won’t release hums, hisses or other unpleasant noises.

If you like, you could choose to alter the flat frequency response. For instance, if your intention is to record drums, you could select a specific frequency response targeted for the situation. This way, you can expect to get an excellent recording.

The primary aspect that won us over was the dynamic, natural character of the recording. At the same time, the mic delivers a uniform, balanced frequency response. To that end, the performance is equally stable and linear – this applies even if the sound source isn’t precisely steady.

We would recommend this microphone if you want to record the critical details of the voice as well as the nature of amplified or acoustic instruments.

Thanks to the variable-D capsule, the sound has a smooth and natural tone to it, irrespective of its source.

What Other People Say

As you might expect, customer reviews are a good indicator of a product’s reliability. As a result, we always look for trustworthy, legit reviews, to see if most customers are on the same page or not.

We already said that the RE320 is one of the most popular studio microphones on the market. Ever since its release, it won a significant base of customers that are more than happy with the microphone.

Most reviewers praise the durability of the construction. One specific customer actually mentioned that the microphone is built like a rock. At the same time, another excellent feature that was outlined was the presence of minimal background noise.

Each performer recognizes that as a crucial element that finally decides the quality of the recording. Therefore, from this point of view, you have nothing to worry about.

On the other side, though, some customers noted that, even though the performance of the mic is excellent, the price is a bit hefty. At the same time, other reviewers outlined that the price is affordable, considering what the product has to offer.

In our opinion, considering the durability and the sound captured by the microphone, the price is decent.

Still, if you’re on a budget, perhaps you should look for a different product.

What We Like

Evidently, the main thing there is to like about the RE320 is the quality of the sound. We like that it is rich and full – in short, it has personality.

EV RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal and Instrument Microphone

Source: bswusa.com

We also like that this is a versatile microphone. In other words, you can use it for doing all types of recordings – rock n roll included. It will be up for the challenge – take it from us.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the low background noise.

What We Don’t Like

In spite of the durable construction of the microphone, the product is still a tad lightweight, in comparison to other microphones. Because of this, you might need to purchase a sturdy, high-quality microphone stand.

While this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, it could serve as an inconvenience.

Buying Advice

Moving on to important buying information, some might say that this microphone is on the expensive side, being priced under $300. Nevertheless, considering the set of features it provides, and the performance rate, we could say that you get what you pay for.

Concurrently, if you choose to buy the mic from Amazon, you might get occasional discounts or offers, as well as free shipping.

Moreover, the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.


Getting the right microphone will ultimately save you. On the other side, if you start out by utilizing the wrong microphone, the odds are that your recordings will be subpar and disappointing.

Nevertheless, the Electro Voice RE320 Studio Microphone really stands out from the crowd. It will be up to the challenge in most recording scenarios. Even the most perfectionist performers out there are prone to be content with this product – we included!

So, we are more than happy to recommend you get this microphone. It will definitely meet, if not surpass your expectations.

Did you already try this microphone? Are you thinking of getting it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

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