Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone Review

Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone Review

When it comes to recording, the focus is often directed on the choice of computer, software, so on and so forth. Nevertheless, in order to capture an impeccable sound, the microphone you select matters more than you might expect.

As a matter of fact, the mic should be the core element of each studio, being that singular item that breaks or makes the recording.

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Chrome)


Still, if you don’t plan on spending a small fortune on your microphone, you might find it difficult to get a good offer. On that note, today we will review the Samson USB Studio Microphone, which offers an excellent performance, at an acceptable rate.

So, what’s the deal with this product? Let’s have a look!

About The Product

The Samson Meteor is a condenser microphone featuring a USB connection. The aesthetic appeal of the item differentiates it from other similar products. The retro-inspired design makes it genuinely appealing.

Still, leaving the design aside, what are the main elements that characterize the mic and its performance? 

Notable Feature Of The Product

  • Large, 25mm diaphragm.
  • It is compatible with the majority of computer-based software.
  • Sturdy chrome-plated body
  • ​Cardioid pickup pattern
  • LED indicator for power, peak, and mute settings.
  • ​First-class quality A/D and D/A converters.
  • Practical fold-back leg design facilitates excellent microphone positioning.


In this section, we will expand a bit on the characteristics and performance of the Meteor. We will also focus on presenting our experience with the product.

According to the manufacturer, the microphone is equipped with one of the largest condenser diaphragms of USB mics. That would be translated into a high sound quality.

To that end, we would have to say that the sound quality is good. Nevertheless, considering that we’re dealing with a condenser microphone, you should do the recording in appropriate conditions.

For example, if you intend to record in the proximity of a noisy room or your recording space isn’t isolated as it should be, you should expect to have background noise. In this situation, we advise you to pick a dynamic microphone instead.

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Chrome)


Another aspect worth mentioning is that if you want to maximize the performance of the microphone, you’ll need a floor or desk-based base.

Note that the microphone has a cardioid pattern. In other words, it will pick up the sound coming from one direction only. So, if you sit in front of the microphone to speak or perform, the recording will be great.

Nonetheless, if you sit elsewhere, you’ll observe a striking drop off. However, this isn’t necessarily a drawback, as it is a typical characteristic of cardioid microphones.

Plainly speaking, we were pleased with the audio quality. The voices sound crisp and clear. Even so, when it comes to recording music, there is room for improvement.

Considering that this is a USB mic, the quality of the sound isn’t comparable to that of a professional mic.

Irrespective of that, this is a good acquisition. There are better products out there; but, in this price range, it is difficult to find something that will battle this microphone.

What Everyone Says

The overflowing number of positive reviews about the product is undeniably a reliable indicator of the product’s value. After conducting plenty of research, we established that most clients are happy with the price-quality ratio.

Some former customers use it for gaming, podcasting, so on and so forth. In other words, this is a decent all-purpose microphone that works as advertised.

In fact, numerous clients noted that considering the price point, there isn’t any self-standing competition for this microphone. We agree.

Regarding the complaints, some clients argued that they were sent defective products. Meanwhile, others said that the microphone stopped working after limited use.

What We Like

There are many reasons why this microphone has reached our list of reviewed products: because we like it. We love the fact that this is a stylish microphone, featuring a unique design.

The Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone


Moreover, we consider the portability feature as being extremely important. It gives you the option of playing in different venues, without worrying about not having the right equipment for your needs.

At the same time, the setting-up process is time-effective and simple. Nothing battles the convenience of setting up a microphone in no time.

On top of all, the thing that won us over was, evidently, the decent audio quality, especially for the price. And the fact that it doesn’t necessitate an external power source is the ultimate definition of convenience.

What We Don’t Like

Each product has its insignificant pitfalls, the Samson Meteor included. One of these drawbacks could be that the sampling rate isn’t as high as it is in the case of other similar products.

Additionally, there isn’t an analog output or a gain control. Even so, these minor disadvantages don’t prevent us from recommending this microphone, especially if you’re on a budget.

Buying Information

One of the best things about this microphone is its affordability. To be more precise, for less than $100, you get a fully functional, versatile microphone that will maximize the quality of your recordings.

Not to mention that if you buy it from Amazon, you might get occasional discounts or offers, as well as free shipping, in some cases. Additionally, the mic is backed up by a 2-year limited warranty.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we could argue that the Samson USB Studio Microphone is an excellent choice if you’re looking for simplicity, performance, and sound quality.

The simplicity and convenience of the USB connection are unmatched. Still, microphones featuring USB connections have their limitations, sound wise.

On a different note, the unique retro appearance of the microphone makes it suitable if you plan on making video recordings, as well. Its small size is great for portability reasons, meaning you can take it with you wherever you wish to record.

A potential minus is the lack of gain control on the microphone. On the whole, though, this product is a candidate worth considering!

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